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Restaurant Night Fundraisers

Did you know that Nicolosi’s does fundraisers? We would love to host your non-profit organization and you’ll receive 15% of sales back to your group! We’ll even create the flyers/marketing materials.

The restaurant night fundraiser is one of the most successful events when it comes to raising significant funds for schools and non-profit organizations. Nicolosi’s is pleased to offer “fund raising night” to local San Diego organizations. Generally this sort of fund raising event is based on the following things:

  • Nicolosi’s will provide your fund raising organization with an established percentage of all the sales on that particular restaurant night.
  • Once you designate a particular restaurant night, you will have to bring customers to the restaurant. Keep in mind that the Nicolosi’s may have to limit restaurant nights available for your fund raising organization – for instance, its slower nights are likely to be preferred.

The main pro when it comes to a restaurant night is the fact that you will need no planning. Also, you will not have to invest a large amount of money in order to have things organized and take care of. For instance, Nicolosi’s will be happy to print a coupon or flyer to be presented in order for your fund raising organization to receive the necessary credit.

Nicolosi’s is family owned and deeply connected to the San Diego community, so we can work together to pick the best fundraiser event night and arrange the details. Make sure that you advertise your Nicolosi’s fundraiser restaurant night to all your potential donors and make sure that these people show up. For instance, you should ensure a large turnout and you can do this by asking your friends and family members to attend your restaurant night as well.

Restaurant Night Fundraisers

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Have you explored Nicolosi’s catering services? We cater throughout San Diego County for schools, weddings, special events, non-profit organizations, sporting events and business events. Nicolosi’s business catering can be scheduled ahead or we will do our best to accommodate more last minute large take-out order.