7 Italian Food Traditions:

1. Don’t butter the bread. In Italy bread takes a supporting roll… but of course we don’t want to tell you not to soak it olive oil or cover it in butter if that is how you love it!

2. Serve Courses. A staggered approach slows the pace of a meal and allows you to savor each dish independently (back to rule #1 – don’t fill up on bread because there are a lot of courses coming).

3. Vegetables aren’t usually served al dente like the pasta. Italians soft-simmer and roast them to the point of carmelization to develop intense flavors.

4. Drink what is made locally. The average Italian family spends under 12 euros a month (per Foodnetwork.com) and drinks local wines rather than expensive Super Tuscans and Brunellos. It is why at Nicolosi’s we also offer local brewed beers.

5. Eat fruit for dessert. In Italy raw, seasonal fruit is common. In San Diego we have an abundance of local fruit year around!

6. Don’t expect Subway. Italian tramezzini and paninis are stuffed with complementary flavors of cheese and meet – not stacks of meat and American cheese.

7. Don’t trim prosciutto. Have you tried eating a whole slice? The rim of fat carries a lot of flavor. If you don’t love the fat perhaps you might prefer lonzino (cured loin).